Second Twinning event: Vicenza meets the Danish city of Vejle.

Today January 21st, second twinning meeting for Vicenza, partner city of the LIFE Project Veneto Adapt, after the one held with Pescara: the meeting with the Danish city of Vejle, one of the European Local Governments selected in the “Call for Twinning“, issued in 2020 by Veneto Adapt, has just concluded.

On behalf of the Municipality of Vicenza were the project manager Fabio Cestonaro and the consultant for Veneto ADAPT Alberto Maria Rigon as well as colleagues from the Environment Energy Department Andrea Timillero and Jenny Bassa of the European Policies Office. On behalf of the Municipality of Vejle were Ib Jespersgaard and Elizabeth Gregersen of Vifin Vejle of the local knowledge and development center, as well as Mikael Schultz Director of Vejle Waste Water and Jørgen Andersen director of the city Green Tech Center. Michele Zuin and Valeria Baruzzi participated on behalf of the Coordinamento Agende 21 Locali Italiane.

The first part of the meeting was dedicated to presenting the project as a whole and an to provide an in-depth description of the twinning process and the initiatives the city of Vicenza is carrying out within the framework of Veneto ADAPT. Thanks to this opportunity, a path of knowledge and exchange between the two cities has been activated – though so far only virtually – dealing with the issues and opportunities of adaptation on an urban scale and resilience in general. Among the useful topics that emerged to implement the SECAP and of common interest as a starting point for the next meetings, the following have been highlighted: rainwater management and slowdown and water collection infrastructures, creation of business opportunities by creating business incubators for resilience integrating the skills of universities, local authorities, and entrepreneurs with a focus on the management of both fresh and marine waters.