Padua also continues its twinning meetings. Yesterday it met with Brescia

This was the second twinning event for Padua, coordinator of the LIFE Veneto Adapt project. The meeting took place yesterday (8 February) with the city of Brescia, among the cities selected in the “Call for Twinning”, promoted in 2020 by Veneto ADAPT.

Participating in the virtual meeting for Padua were Daniela Luise, project coordinator, representative of the Environment and Territory Department and head of the Informambiente office along with colleagues Giovanni Vicentini and Cinzia Rinzafri from the Environment and Territory Department. From Brescia’s council there was Gianpiero Ribolla, Head of Urban Area Planning, Building and Transport, Angelo Capretti, Head of the Environmental Sustainability Department, from the same department there was also Silvia Tognolini, Melida Maggiori and Ilaria Fumagalli. Among the participants there was also Michele Zuin from the Coordination of Italian Local Agenda 21.

The twinning process and the initiatives created by Padua as part of Veneto ADAPT were the opening topics of discussion in the call between the two cities, followed by Brescia outlining their own methods and policies for mitigation and adaptation.

Among the topics discussed, useful for the PAESC (Action Plan for Climate and Sustainable Energy) and of mutual interest for continued discussion in the next meetings were: the models for managing the councils’ teams’ intersectoral cooperation to plan adaptation and mitigation, the initiatives to support citizens to redevelop private buildings’ energy efficiency, the measures for sustainable transport of the PUMS (Urban Plan for Sustainable Transport), the ways to increase remote-controlled heating and air conditioning technology, creating renewable energy communities and again the regulations for energy-environmental sustainability and Nature Based Solutions.